• “Revolutionary.”

    Professor C. Barr Taylor, MD — Stanford University

  • “So grateful… Thanks everyone at Chrysallis for this wonderful experience, your work is so valuable.”

    Hannah — Chrysallis Beta User

  • “I’ve been in healthcare for thirty years. This is the next level. This is brilliant.”

    J. Creamer — VP, Lifesynch (Humana)

  • “Ingenious.”

    Joseph Andresen, MD — Obama Healthcare Policy Roundtable

  • “With Chrysallis I’m noticing my mind really does go to the skills spontaneously now when I’m away from the smartphone.”

    Julian — Chrysallis Beta User

  • “This app is like a therapist, yogi, and guru rolled into one!  Brilliant!!”

    Jennifer — Chrysallis Beta User

  • “I never realized how resistant I was to sharing my emotions. This is the opposite of Facebook. Private and not a waste of my time.”

    Jessica — Chrysallis Beta User

  • “It’s become second nature to check in daily with my Chrysallis. Chrysallis is a life-changing app!”

    Kari — Chrysallis Beta User

  • “Game changer.”

    R. Click — CTO, Sanare

  • “I’m blown away.”

    Dr. Howard Eisenson — Author, The Duke Diet and Executive Director of Duke Diet and Fitness Center

  • “I checked-in as ‘anxious’ and within a few minutes I was feeling extraordinary.  I am amazed and so inspired. Thank you!”

    Judy — Robb's Mom

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